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Start a new tradition

Good Neighbor
Team: Keilan Creech & Brandon Clarkson
Skills used: content strategy, video, copywriting, social media

Start a new tradition was a video ad campaign highlighting the company's group homes for disabled adults. Since starting a new tradition often comes after finding a home, the campaign emphasizes that Good Neighbor provides forever homes for adults in need—not just temporary living spaces. Brandon helped develop the campaign and produce the videos. He also wrote copy for the campaign and social media.


Skills used: podcasting, content strategy, copywriting, design

Arguably is a podcast featuring conversations about culture and politics that launched in March 2018. Brandon hosts and produces each episode. This includes developing the podcast's content, coordinating with guests, and writing any copy associated with the podcast. He also designed the podcast's cover art.

You're needed

Good Neighbor
Team: Keilan Creech & Brandon Clarkson
Skills used: 

You're needed was a print ad that ran in the Richmond Times-Dispatch designed to increase turnout for a job fair for support professionals in the company's residential and day support programs. The ad emphasized that these positions were not only in high demand, but also essential in the lives of Good Neighbor clients. Brandon wrote copy for the ad. 

Words to inspire

Good Neighbor
Team: Keilan Creech & Brandon Clarkson
Skills used: content strategy, content writing, copywriting, social media

Words to inspire is an ongoing social media campaign that comprises images of quotes by influential figures who struggled with mental illness or disability. Brandon helped develop the campaign and wrote copy for the campaign's social media and blog content. So far, the campaign has included words by Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller, Virginia Woolf, and Sylvia Plath. 

Helen Keller
Christopher Reeve-04.jpeg
Virginia Woolf
Sylvia Plath

B. Keith Fulton visits Good Neighbor

Good Neighbor
Team: Keilan Creech & Brandon Clarkson
Skills used: content writing, video, copywriting, social media

When business executive and entrepreneur B. Keith Fulton spoke at a Good Neighbor management meeting, the company wanted to share the event on social media. Brandon helped produce multiple videos of the speech and wrote blog content covering the event. He also wrote copy for social media.

Good neighbor visits Max's Positive Vibe Cafe

Good Neighbor
Team: Keilan Creech & Brandon Clarkson
Skills used: video, content writing, copywriting, social media

Brandon helped produce a video highlighting a outing Good Neighbor individuals took to Max's Positive Vibe Cafe—a restaurant and non-profit organization that trains and empowers adults with disabilities. The video empathizes the overlapping values between the two organizations. He also wrote blog content and social media copy about the event.

You're in good company

VCU Students for Hillary
Skills used: copywriting, design

You’re in good company was a print ad to increase campus turnout for Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary election. The ad was designed to engage existing Clinton supporters rather than attempt to change minds. It was posted on VCU campus and ran for one week prior to election day. Brandon developed the campaign, wrote the copy, and designed the ad.

The Overton Window

Sojourn Review
Team: Brandon Clarkson, Zach Sizemore, & Jimmy Nickerson

Skills used: podcasting, copywriting, design

The Overton Window is a twice-monthly podcast about politics and current events hosted by the editors of Sojourn Review. Brandon cohosts the podcast and writes copy. He also designed the podcast's cover art.